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Nozama's Yearly Letter of Review by the CEO, André L. Vanyi-Robin

Nozama's Yearly Letter of Review by the CEO, André L. Vanyi-Robin

1 January 2020

London, England


Dear Community supporters, Customers, Partners, and Team members,

I would like to take a moment to reflect on Nozama.Green´s (AKA Nozama) year in 2019 and thank you all for your support and involvement, which has turned our ideas into a sustainable reality.

Exactly one year ago, Nozama.Green was conceived as a solution to the problem of sustainability in commerce i.e. relentless selling disregarding the environment and looking over ways to reconcile the need to consume while protecting the world we live in. 

Nozama´s proposal is to use technology to enable our ability to collect and recycle 100% of what we deliver after selling it on our platform so we can guarantee responsible commerce. 

To sum it up, Nozama is a London based start-up with its operational headquarters in Barcelona, Spain that is transforming the way consumers buy online by providing everyone the possibility to acquire any product sustainably, since we ensure that their trash will be picked up and recycled based on individual demand. 

Nozama´s mobile application enables household recycling by connecting them with independent local couriers, who collect trash as well as deliver goods from any shop in the city our service is provided. Nozama guarantees that all packaging and used products we collect are recycled properly.  

The platform’s features include household recycling services, traceability of collected trash, which includes geolocation of the aforementioned trash and Nozama couriers, so our customers can track their deliveries and collected items that will be recycled in real-time. A Zamer, the name given to our Nozama couriers, is a person who is always prepared to recycle and deliver upon demand.

Let’s make 2020 the most sustainable commerce year ever!


Kind Regards,

André L. Vanyi-Robin

CEO of Nozama.Green

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